We support Lean Startups.

Working with start-ups and young companies, we understand that everything you do comes at a cost:  the cost of your time, personal investment, relationships with your investors.  It can get really personal if they are your friends and family…   There is a lot at stake, not to mention the uncertainty of launching a new venture.

Following the ideas of Eric Ries and the Lean Startup, along with the marketing advice of Eric’s Mentor, Steve Blank, we can help you set off to a good start.  Let us work with you on your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and test it until the uncertainty  of starting up fades away and you know that this is a viable, scaleable operation that will generate enough revenue to make it profitable.

In addition, we can help you as you go.  Do you need to launch a crowdfunding campaing?  We’ll help with the communications and the marketing side of it.

We’ll also help you set up the services and processes you need to get in place to ensure that you keep your clients and customers, and that they help you grow the business.

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